Thursday, June 10, 2010

GreatHites Season 3 Prompt 1

This prompt is going to be something a little different. I am going to offer several prompts and you can pick one or just figure out how to use them all:

Download this week's prompts:

First, a line from Captain's Share By Nathan Lowell "The rest of the crew looked as though it would be a good time for a hull breach." Remember that Mr. Lowell's work is under a no Derivative license so you can't write in the Share universe.

Next, a line from one of my stories see the world builders unlimited site for more details under The Rover Wars. "They had bombed their own ship to get the war started."

Last prompt is just a random idea, "It's not every day that you get to see something like that."

All Stories for this prompt are due by Midnight Friday June 25th. Email the text of the story and a recording if you would like me to include it in the podcast to GreatHites at gmail dot com.

Good luck. Please tell all your friends to come out and join in the fun.