Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Exam

To make up for my slowness in getting the stories and the audio done for the challenge I am going to release some of the shorts that I have done recently for other projects.

The Exam Audio.

This comes from 100 Word Stories Weekly Challenge week # 115.

The Exam

The exam meant the difference between freedom and life long imprisonment. The problem, no one knew what it was. So we stood there in line and waited our turn while our imaginations ran wild. I watched men as hard as rocks melt, blubbering before the questioner. In all my time in the line I had only seen one person volunteer for the test. The door opened and shut, and he was gone.
Then it was my turn, "Take the exam?"
"Yes." he point to the door.
As it shut behind me a voice said. "You are free to go."