Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What are we going to do Tonight?

The New from Poughkeepise Day # 74

First Sentence Saturdays:

The meeting of the Young Ladies’ Baking and World Domination Club came to order as usual, but because Miss Peabody was out sick, this time the meeting had to be chaperoned by Coach Wilkins.

What are we going to do Tonight?

The meeting of the Young Ladies’ Baking and World Domination Club came to order as usual, but because Miss Peabody was out sick, this time the meeting had to be chaperoned by Coach Wilkins. The coach was a bit more of a task master and wanted to play more of a role in the club than Miss Peabody normally did.

"Come on now ladies let's get this show on the road," the Coach said. "Ginger, role call, now!" She barked

"Ma'am we don't normally call role."

"You do today. What kind of group doesn't call role. Hop to it."

"Very well," Ginger sighed. "Let me see the notes from the last meeting Sarah we will just go on that." Sarah compliantly handed over the notes. "Alright then, Ginger Wright," She said reading the names. "That's me and I am here."
"Come on lets be serious about this," Coach said.

"Oh alright, Molly James?"
"Mary Ann Heart?"


"Lucy Bell?"

"She went home sick today. How I love that poor girl." Sarah said

"Ok, no Lucy , Sarah Marlow?"


"Theresa Button?"


"Susan Pinkerton."


"Alright that is all the names on the list, everyone is present except Lucy and Miss Peabody." Ginger reported handing the notes back to Sarah and taking her seat.

"Good," The coach grunted. "Now Secretary, read over the notes from last time."

"But Coach, we don't do that either?"
"What kind of secret take over the world kind of group is this?"

"Take over the world? We don't do that here. That is just in the name, to make it interesting," Ginger snapped a little more than she had intended.

"Now that is the spirit. But, what do you do then?"

"Mostly we talk about baking," Sarah said honestly "Some times it devolves into a conversation about boys, but usually Miss Peabody pulls us back on track when that happens."

"This is highly disappointing," the coach said sitting on a desk in the middle of the group of young women. "This club has really gone down hill since I was a member." She shook her head ruefully.

"You were a baker?" Mary Ann asked."

"Goodness no, I helped hatch plans, back then in the baking the name was just a cover."

"What kinds of plans did you hatch?" Sarah asked.

"Why do you want to know Marlow? what are you going to bake it into a pie and hope it pops out like four and twenty black birds?"

"Coach!" Ginger pleaded.

"I'm sorry, I just hate to see an organization with as proud a history as this one fall like this. Why in my day, we had plans that would have astounded you. Like midnight raids, runs for president, taking over the UN." She stopped and shook her head again. "I guess that is all in the past."

The girls looked at each other, and waited. No one spoke for many long minutes. Finally Ginger got up and closed the door.

"Prove you were a member." She said when she returned.

Coach Wilkins eyed the girls a little suspiciously. Then she did it. She took off her shoe and showed them the sole of her foot. Just under her big toe, in the part that was hardest to see When walking barefoot, was tattooed a small group of letters. YLBWD.

"She is good," Said Theresa.

Sarah and Theresa reached for their bags and walked to opposite corners of the room. As the coach watched, now looking a little nervous, they pulled the dampening field generators they had made only a year ago, from their bags and set them up. Then they all came back to the center of the room. Ginger set up a small screen and Lucy appeared on it.

"I was beginning to worry about you all." Lucy said. Wherever she was the background was dark.

"Sorry we had a little delay, Miss Peabody didn't show and we had to verify the coach."

"She didn't show?" Lucy asked sounding a bit alarmed.

"She was tied up." Coach Wilkins answered, "Not literally, the principal needed to talk to her this afternoon. So I filled in. We were both members about the same time."

"Alright then," Ginger said with a sigh. "Lets get started. Susan can you give us a recap of the days events?"

"Yes, Pinky what are we going to do tonight." The coach asked breaking a very rare smile.

Susan hated when people called her that, and it managed to break her concentration, so she did the only thing she could do while she looked at her notes. "Same thing we do every night. Try to take over the world!"

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