Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What to do

This is an unusual nonstory.

What to Do audio
Since I have gotten so little response on my challenge, I thought I might change things little bit. This week I am going to post the prompt long before I post the story so you the readers, and listeners have the prompt the same amount of time that I do. If this works better, I will try to post the prompt for the following week on Monday when I post the newest story. I am going to put voting buttons up. please let me know if you like this idea or not.

I am just full of ideas today. I usually narrow my prompts down to two or three prompts pretty quickly, but sometimes I have trouble picking between them in the end. I could also put the two or three prompts up and give one or two days (which would shorten my writing time) for you the readers and listeners to help me pick which prompt I would write on.

Please head out to Great Hites and vote, or leave me a comment with your thoughts.

And as promised, here is this weeks prompt: Describe a man who leaves no stone unturned.