Sunday, August 31, 2008

Matt and Anna: From to Be a Wordsmith

I found this prompt while surfing at and I just had to have fun with it. I submitted it to the owner of the blog, but what the heck I wrote it I should get to post in here too. Enjoy!

One day Matt and Anna find themselves at a shoe store

Matt and Anna Audio

"Matt, why did you drag me here again?"
"Come on Anna, you have got to see these."
"I have seen them."
"No not the normal ones, these are new."
"New? you mean really new?" Anna said a slight glimmer of hope crossed her face.
"You will love them."
"Matt, you have been dragging me to the this shoe store every day for the last three weeks, I am not going to buy those shoes they are just more than I'm willing to pay."
"Anna, you have not seen the new ones. Promise me you that you will not make up your mind until you see them."
"I don't know."
"You have got to promise."
"I will promise, but only that I will look not that I will buy."
"They are so perfect, when you see them you will not believe, you will be willing to pay the price." He dragged her gently, by the wrist across the store to the rear display. On the wall were literally dozens of different types of shoes. She scanned them all but didn't see anything that caught her eye.
"Oh these are so special they have not even put them on display yet." He said seeing her face change back to the scowl. "They only have the one set of them. So this sale is going to be totally word of mouth." "You will like this I promise."
He let go of her hand and ran threw the employees only door. She could hear a conversation but was not sure what they were saying. A minute later Matt and the store owner, who she had been introduced to earlier in the week walked out.
"Anna," the owner said sweetly. "Matthew is correct this is the most amazing pair of shoes we have ever sold."
"You have not sold them yet Claude," She said.
"Don't worry Anna, you will not be disappointed." It was then that she noticed Matt's hands were shaking slightly as he carried the box. He set it down Gently before her and smiled. Then he lifted the lid. The shoes literally shined.
"You can't tell me that these would not be the perfect shoes for that fairy-god-daughter of yours."

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Peter said...

I LOVE it!!! That was great use of timing and suspense! The characters were believable, tangible and I could relate to them. Great Job!