Monday, October 20, 2008

Great Hites Short 15

Download Great Hites # 15

100 word stories with the theme "Then you put it in the blender."

Robert Jahns

Nancy was a strong, tall, yet handsomely plain woman. Six decades of farm work had roughened her hands but not her spirit. She knew that one day she would be successful. As years slipped by, success remained a stranger.

No one would purchase her cookies. Every morning, she would faithfully assemble all of the ingredients in the blender, using a recipe passed down through four generations of Okies.

Each day she would carry the cookies to market. Each evening she would dispose of them, all unsold.

Today was different. This was the special day that electricity came to her town.


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Hello Seti user 91b235f59a396d54g0c5f27cd5b8d168

We are very amused by your search for us. We are touched by the fact that you care so much, to spend your time looking for us, but we are not lost. We picked up a map at the Texico station, it has been quite useful. But we are not sure what a NEW JERSEY or TURN PIKE are.

We do appreciate all of the things that you have been sending us, especially the Beagle craft, it was a little tough at first but then we put it in the blender. Once softened up it was Yummy.