Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great Hites # 32

Welcome to Great Hites, With Alex.

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A note from Jeff. I have been rather sick for the last few days, and to add insult to injury I have no voice. So I am going to have to resort to having Alex, do the intro. On top of that, because I have been sick I didn't get a story written this week. But Guy David did so...

Thank you Guy for keeping things going. Lets get on with his story:

One By One
By: Guy David

“You are not supposed to eat them one by one” the young waitress was saying. The old man just smiled at her and ate another rice grain. “Those are delicious” he said, savoring the taste. Eating was an art-form for him. He grabbed each grain of rice separately with chopsticks and delighted in their full being inside his mouth. They where a part of creation and eating them was a form of meditation for him. He knew the waitress would not be able to appreciate it. She was too young, too self indulgent as many of the modern young folks tends to be those days and anyway, he knew she just didn't care, so he just smiled at her and said “I would also like some green tea please.”

The waitress sighed inwardly, trying not to show her disappointments. She knew the more people occupying the same table, the more tips she might get and that particular old man was obviously there to stay. She took his order and smiled back, a smile she worked on in front of her mirror many times, the tip bringing smile, then she was gone. It was time for her to take a lunch break. While the old man annoyed her, she had to admit he had a good taste in food, so she ordered the same dish and started gobbling the food as fast as she could. She didn't want to waste any time. Time was tip money.

The old man was still smiling as the ambulance came and she was dragged chocking into it.

Thank you Guy as always a great story.

Sorry folks about the short episode this week. I will be back next week I promise with a story out just in time for Christmas. Maybe I will even have more than one story. There are two prompts ya know.

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Thank you, and until next time.

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