Monday, December 1, 2008

Great Hites Prompt number 31

This week's Prompt is:

"Space is a really, really big place." And is inspired by Douglas Adams, Arthur C. Clarke, Orson Scott Card, and all the other Sci-Fi Writers out there.

All Stories for this prompt are due by Midnight Tuesday December ninth. Email the text of the story and a recording if you would like me to include it in the podcast to jeffrey dot hite at gmail dot com.

good luck. And don't forget to come out to the site and vote for your Favorite stories this week.

Just a quick review of the rules:

1. All stories submitted must be based on the weekly topic and in before Tuesday at midnight. (your local midnight is fine)
E-mail of the text story (pasted into the e-mail) to me at jeffrey dot hite at gmail dot com along with a recording if you want it added to the podcast.

2. Stories must have a maximum rating of PG. If you want examples of my strongest violence or most suggestive language read or listen toRun For your Life, Adam And Eve. or Going Down with the Ship And yes, I get the final say. Hey it's my site I make the rules.

3. Stories submitted should be between 100 to 3000 words, any shorter will get lost in the fray, any longer and it will drown out the other works, and as I said in rule number 2: Hey it's my site I make the rules.

4. Protecting your hard work. I know some sites don't do this, but I will do my best to protect your work. My entire site is protected by creative commons, I think it is worth your time to license your work, head out to the creative commons site get a license and paste the html code at the end of your story in the e-mail and when it gets posted I will include that. This is the one rule that is not hard and fast I think if you have worked hard on something you should protect it, but it is your call.