Friday, July 3, 2009

Great Hites Special Edition Heros

Norval Joe's Story for week 60 is going to get special billing this week as a Special edition due to the American holiday. It is not just on this Holiday that we should remember our men and women in uniform, but this a good reason to call attention to them.

Thank you Norval for the permission to play this weekend.



Ashley Redden said...

Norval Joe's story was truly awesome! I left right out of high school at seventeen to attend army basic training, turned eighteen at Ford Gordon in Augusta Georgia and was on my own from then on. I was never called upon to fight in a war during my service though I would have in a heartbeat. What Norval Joe's story illustrates with resounding certainty is the price for every American's right to choose; what to say, how to dress, the manner in which to express ourselves, where and how to live and every other decision that we all as americans take for granted in our daily lives has been bought and paid for by unimaginable sacrifice by our fellow citizens past and present. The story is a microdrama of the same scenarios that play out unseen and unheard every day in the states allowing all americans to be exactly whatever they want, in most cases, without lifting one finger to earn such luxurious freedoms. The story is exemplary Norval Joe. God bless America and God bless the servicemen and women who do what they do to help keep america the land of the free.