Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Hites Bonus Episode - Abigail By :Guy David

Iridescent Angel, Part III: Abigail


The morning light crept in through the half open window and awoke Abigail up. She stretched and yawned then started on her feet in alarm. The room looked oddly familiar, but for a moment she couldn’t remember where she was. It looked homely enough and she decided to wash her face and try to awake herself further that way. She was in a small bedroom with two adjacent doors. She tried one of them and found herself in a small bathroom. It had a mirror with a basin attached to it at the bottom. She approached the basin, intent on washing her face when she caught her own reflection in the mirror and cried out in surprise. While she had celebrated her 48th birthday not so long ago, her mirror reflection looked early 20’s. It all started coming back to her, passing the wall, being shot by her husband and awaking in this strange place with her daughter, shaped like an angel, watching over her. She remembered drifting in and out of sleep while her body was being mended at the Rejuv center. Was she still at the center? She washed her face and entered the bedroom again. This time she tried the other door.

As she went out of the room, she could hear a woman singing, her voice angelic. She climbed down some steps into a living room. Her daughter, Ebony was there, talking with another woman. Both where naked, glowing and had wings. “Don’t you ever wear cloths?” she asked Ebony in spite of herself. Ebony just chuckled and said “the wings make it a little difficult, anyway, there is no strict dress code here.” The other woman looked at her, curious. “This is Lindsay” said Ebony, “she saved me when one of the elders from the reservation tried to kill me 8 years ago. We’ve been friends ever since.” Abigail looked at her for a second, then she said “I just looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Can you explain to me how come I look about 20 years younger?” It was Lindsay who spoke this time. “This is what we do in Rejuv. We keep people young and take care of their injuries. You wouldn’t believe what people do to themselves during gaming.” “Gaming?” asked Abigail, baffled. “This world is very different from the one we grew up in.” Said Ebony, “People who get themselves hurt can get themselves fixed in places like the Rejuv center. It’s amazing what we can do here.” “Eight years and you’re still amazed.” said Lindsay, smiling.

“I can hear the singing of angels” said Abigail, “Where is it coming from?” Ebony and Lindsay laughed out loud at this. “This is not an angel singing. It’s just a singer I happen to like. We can have any music play here. Here, would you like some classical music?” As she said that, the music suddenly changed. Abigail could hear the sound of throbbing violins and cheering trumpets. “How did you change the music?” she asked. “I just used my in-head-interface to tell the music playing device what I wanted.” Said Ebony. “In-head-interface?” asked Abigail. “You have allot to learn.” Said Ebony, “Our world is the world of technology. By kipping ourselves away from the world in our little reservation, we kept ourselves from all of the advantages of a modern world. Here we have longevity, we have ways to manipulate reality, to communicate better with each other. I can send my thoughts to someone on the other side of this planet, just by using my in-head-interface, a device that is installed in my head and acts as a communication and control center. This is only scratching the surface of what we can do here.”

“Are you hungry?” asked Ebony. A thin fog appeared in the middle of the room, quickly shaping itself into the shape of a table, laden with all sorts of goods. “You see” said Lindsay, “we can create anything we want, seemingly out of thin air.” Abigail stared at the table and the goods in amazement. “It’s the same technology the reservation walls are made off” said Ebony. Abigail looked at her, looked at Lindsay, then she nodded and started to speak slowly. “I understand now.” She said, “why we are being kept in the reservation by our leaders. You have been monitoring our people, but you haven't noticed what was really going on. The few have taken hold of the holy scriptures and are using them to control the many. Most of the people living in the reservation would leave it in the blink of an eye if they knew what was really going on here. I believe the reservation should be discontinued. The walls between our worlds should be no more. It is time our people joined the here and now.”