Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Hites Bonus October #2


Spicy Mustard
By: Scott Roche

Sam Clemens took a pull on his cigar, the coal lighting the otherwise
dim library. "The devil you say. Is it that simple?"

Tesla nodded his head. "Yes my friend, yes. That's the beauty of it.
And think, unlimited energy from such a simple, clean source." The
excitement brought his native accent to the fore, as it always did.

No one would believe them. They rarely did when genius brought them a
discovery like this. Not, that was, that this sort of genius or
discovery was in any way common. He stirred the grainy contents of
the jar and marveled.

Spicy Mustard
By: Katharina

The last stop on our very own "Tour de France" through the rural regions led us to the mustard capital of Dijon. We quickly found a tiny store in the old city center where we bought a small glass of spicy mustard full of flavor as well as a baguette at the Boulangerie around the corner. Not long afterwards we were sitting on a bench enjoying the sun. I could smell the mustard and the fresh crunchy baguette, as well as feel his arm around me. Tasting the food and his lips in turns, I knew, life couldn't get any better than that.

Spicy Mustard
by Mick Bordet

"You've got a little bit of..." she said, pointing at the side of her mouth.
Jim felt the blush explode over his face. He had noticed her earlier, standing behind him in the queue at the burger van: way out of his league, he knew.
He pawed at his face, his clumsy fingers confirming the embarrassment.
"Spicy mustard," he said, "thanks."
She smiled back, then leant closer, "You missed a bit."
As her finger touched his lips, wiping away the last of the condiment, he found himself drawn into her gaze: deep, dark pupils that spoke of an undiscovered world.

The Traitor

A chain, each link, human, sped through the sub-terrain tunnel.
For millennia, a river flowed through, eroded and planed the floor smooth and without obstacle.
The boys raced through the thin layer of iron oxide silt, viscous and brown, like spicy mustard.
Each held tightly the belt of the boy ahead; a single flashlight lead the train of panting, panicking, boys.
"You will be safe if you only look. If you take, the cave will take back." They were warned.
One link, the weak link, held the belt of the boy ahead. In the other hand he cradled a diamond.