Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Hites March Prompt

Hey everyone, This is Alex, I have hijacked the microphone while Jeff is out. He does not know that so let's keep it that way ok? I was looking through the files on my hard drive and I found the month long prompt for March. It is not like I am spying or anything, it is my hard Drive after all. Anyway, when I red it's ones and zeros I got so excited I knew I had to tell everyone about it early. Don't tell Jeff.

Great Hites March Month long prompt is:

"King Arthur has returned and he has brought his sword."

Download the Prompt


This looks like a fun prompt, I wish the Dark Lord Hite would let me write a story. There are so many possibilities.

All stories for this prompt are due by Midnight on March 31st. That is right you have a whole month (and a couple of extra days) to get your stories in. The stories can be up to 10 thousand words, and must be PG rated. Send the text and a recording if you can to Greathites at Gmail dot com. Good luck. Make sure you come out and take a look at our discussion Forum, and our new facebook page, to keep up with the latest happenings. This is Alex signing off.