Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Hites Season 2 Prompt 14

This weeks prompt is from me and is:

Download this week's Prompt

Look in your local newspaper and find a story where the head line interests you. Write a story about the head line, or the story or whatever you you like.

Some things about this prompt:
1. I know we have done this one before but it is always fun.
2. Newspaper can mean news feed, nightly news, whatever.
3. please tell us about the new story at the beginning of your recording and add it at the beginning of your text.

All Stories for this prompt are due by Midnight Tuesday March 23rd. Email the text of the story and a recording if you would like me to include it in the podcast to GreatHites at gmail dot com.

Good luck. And don't forget to come out to the site and vote for your favorite stories this week. Please tell all your friends to come out and join in the fun. Have you got some questions or comments about one of the stories, come out to Great Hites dot ning dot com and join our discussion forum.