Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Hites Season 2 Prompt 15

Merlin! Merlin!
Hello King Arthur, I am glad you are awake, this week is the week of your prompt.
what are you some sort of Foul demon, Merlin!
no my name is not Merlin, my name is Alex.
What are you?
well I work for the dark Lord Hite and he wants me to wake you up and tell you that this week's prompt is about you,

"King Arthur has returned and he has brought his sword"

That is right where is my sword, I think it might be time to vanquish you foul demon.
All stories for this week's prompt are due by midnight March 31st, send all stories to greathites at gmail dot com.

Download This week's Prompt

Good luck!

Thank you to the Dragon Master for the voice of King Arthur




Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Hite, still completely stalled out on the King Arthur idea? tsk tsk... :)