Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Hites Prompt for week 21

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I have decided to make the prompt number match the week number. So if you write for prompt number 21 it will show up when I publish Great Hites number 21

The News From Poughkeepsie - Day 57
June 17th, 2008

Settings Tuesdays

I like abandoned buildings, urban decay, as much as the next person. The potential for fiction, what happened here long ago, etc, is excellent. However, what about shiny new buildings full of people? Why do we never assume they have personality, or hauntings, or quirks? (Indian burial ground doesn’t count, either. I want something NEW.)

The News From Poughkeepsie is a now defunct daily blog post featuring an idea for you to take and do with what you will. Read more about it here. This post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. You can take this idea, change it, make something new, and even make money off of it. All I ask is if you create something - anything! - that this post inspired you to make, please link back here.

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good luck.