Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Hites November Creation # 4

This week's creation story is by Me (Jeff Hite)

Thanks to J.C. Hutchins For the new intro
author of 7th Son: Descent
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Creation In Four Acts
By: Jeffrey Hite

Act I
The Act of Creation.

Every act of creation had to start with one movement, one action. If you want to create something you to take that first action, and it is that first action that can get you in trouble. Oh sure it is really what you do after that that causes the problem but without the first action none of of it would have happened.
For me that action was very simple all I did was decided that I needed to move my left index finger, and suddenly I had created something. Yeah that is the right, I have power, more than you can possibly imagine, but that is what got me into trouble.
Now I knew I was not supposed to create anything. I am after all only a luminescent being and not The being who had begin creation itself. He had begun creation and was still in the act of creation when the trouble started. Before I knew what I was going I had created living creatures.
I knew I did not have much time and before my creation was discovered and it would be crushed. So I created and worked on making my creation hail and hearty, hard to kill and plentiful. And they were hard to kill too. It took more than 300 million orbits of the tiny blue planet around it's sun before a rock from space to kill them off. I still have not figured out if that rock was thrown down there or if it was merely an accident.

Act II
The Price.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You push on an object and that force pushes back from the object on you. When you do something that you are not supposed to do there is a price to pay.
When my creation was destroyed I who had created them and been allowed to nurture them, had to pay the price for my discretion. And a price I was willing to pay, but some prices are too steep. Some punishments are too harsh for the action, and the punishment that I was given was too much.
I am as I said a luminescent being, I do not create or give of light, But instead I am light, but as much as I am light, I need the light to thrive. But my punishment was to be put in a place of darkness, for the same length of time that my creations had lived. The price was too steep, the payment too much.


The moment my punishment began the pain started too. I had never before known pain. Pain was something that mortals felt. When my creations were destroyed by the rock from space, I felt loss and was alone for a while, and I thought that was pain. I was wrong, that was not real pain. Real pain is when someone takes away something that you need to survive, or they give you so little of it that you wish it were possible for you to die.
This must have been what the final members of my creation felt when the end came. I used to be so happy to see them. They had survived the radiation and the burning forest and the acid rains, but they had survived. They were, near the end, dieing of hunger and thirst but I was so happy to see that some of them had survived. Even that thought brings me pain now.
My Body, such that it is, hungers for the light, it thirsts to drink it in. I am given only enough to make it from day to day, and so in that way I envy my creations. They would die, often terrible deaths. Killed by their own kind and when none remained who were strong enough to kill another they died of starvation. Most of them had died instantly when the rock hit the small blue planet, turning it's crystal clear atmosphere gray. Fire and radiation spread outward from it's wake killing everything in its path. Those are the one that I most envied. They died quickly and with little or no pain. This was not to be my fate. I will not die, but suffer in the darkness. I am to live without my creations, knowing they were destroyed, knowing that in some way I was the cause of their pain.
None of the creatures that I had created were incredibly intelligent. They knew little of what world around them was like, only that they needed to survive. When the rock from space hit the planet and killed many of them in seconds, they did not know that some of their lives had just begun while others had already lived a full life. They did not feel loss when one of them died of radiation sickness, they just ate the contaminated meat because it was easier then killing something else. They of course then suffered the same fate, but they knew none of this, and I envied them that too.
We Learned beings we are given the gift of inelegance. We know, for example, how to measure the passing of time. The beings I had created had no such knowledge. They knew day from night only by the rising and setting of the sun. They only knew winter from spring, spring form summer, summer from fall only from the changes around them. I however know that I have been here for over 65 million orbits of the little blue planet, where my creations lived and died. I know that in that time the tiny insignificant creatures that were only just beginning to emerge when the rock hit the planet, have survived and all but taken it over. They have begun their long Journey toward the stars where they will eventually encounter their brethren on other planets.
I also know that only a fraction of my time away from the light has past, and that by the time I am free again the planet will be unrecognizable. that the chosen creations will have long since moved on if they have not destroyed themselves in the process.
Yes, I have been allowed brief glimpses of of the world when I am allowed the light, and not everything is right with the chosen creation. They have come near to destroying themselves. They were given the gift of knowledge and have used it for the most part wisely, but it only takes a few of them to use it unwisely.

ACT IV Revenge

A mere few hundred orbits ago, I saw these creations struggling to survive. Shortly after that, for they seemed doomed to failure, I stretched my powers to the limits to see how they fared and for the first time tested the strength of my bonds.
The bonds were weak, but I was weaker and I could not break free. It was enough for me to see the planet below and it's inhabitants, and they were at war with each other again. Seeing this, I thought of a way that they might give me the strength I would need to break free of my prison. I would have to be very careful, for if I were caught I might spend eternity locked away from the light. But, these creatures were intelligent, and they could learn what they needed to know. With, their tendency toward war with one another, I would have the perfect cover.
I tested them, but they were not ready, Their Methods were still too crude and their understanding too limited. Even my attempts to teach even a few of them had drained me of my remaining strength. I would have to wait, and build up my strength to try again. Besides, if these creatures were as intelligent as their creator believed them to be, I might have already sown enough seeds for my plans to grow.
When I next had the strength to probe the humans they were yet again at war with each other. This time, however, it was a much more technologically advanced war. I did not care for what they fought, or who was in the right, only that the weapons of war were nearly ready to set my plan in motion. I would need to tend the seeds that I had sown, and it would take all of my remaining strength. It did not take long ,but my work had to be carefully hidden, it had to look as though they were not being guided.
After my work was done, I slept. It did not take them long. Soon I could feel the the tests of this new power small though they were only a few orbits after my last attempt. Each Trial gave me strength. But none were yet strong enough to give me the strength I would need to break my bonds, and slip free of my prison to take my revenge. So I bid-ed my time.
It took much less time than I would have thought. During the end of the next war, the power was released on two of their own cities. It was magnificent. But it was still not enough. I might be able to break the bonds now, but I needed more if I was to slip free of the prison as well. There was something different about this light and power. It was not the power of creation, but the power of oblivion my eyes were opened to it and I loved it.
The power was glorious in it's strength, so much destruction in such a small amount of time. Soon they will use it again, and I will have my revenge. I will not need to even act, for the power they have discovered will take the Creators creations away from him in much the same way mine were taken from me, and I will be free and victorious. It will not be long now.