Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GreatHites Season2 Prompt 19

This weeks prompt is from me and is:

"The last Stand."

Download this week's prompt

All Stories for this prompt are due by Midnight Friday April 30th. Email the text of the story and a recording if you would like me to include it in the podcast to GreatHites at gmail dot com.

Good luck. And don't forget to come out to the site and vote for your favorite stories this week. Please tell all your friends to come out and join in the fun. Have you got some questions or comments about our stories or the podcast in General come visit us on the discussion forum at GreatHites.ning.com

This is going to be the last regular prompt with a due date. After this I am going to play the stories I have, and then Great Hites as we have come to know and love, will go away. I will continue release prompts on a weekly basis, for those of you who like to have the prompts. I am just not going collecting stories any loner.

Not to worry, I am not going away, and if you stay tuned to this feed, I announce some new projects, and a new podcast coming long shortly. I will cover all the thank you's in the weekly story podcasts in the weeks to come. I will have more information about the why's but in the coming weeks. You still have a few weeks of me, so this is not quite the end.